Magnetic Construction is a company focused on the construction, engineering, and metallurgical industry sectors, both nationally and internationally.

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Projects are fully tailored to the client’s needs.

We are committed to developing the most effective and high quality solutions to ensure the satisfaction of our clients’ project and activity requirements. Our solutions, which include all logistical and administrative support, are delivered quickly, flexibly, and dynamically, tailored to the specific requirements of each project and fully adjusted to the client’s needs.



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With high and proven expertise acquired through the mobility of human resources to meet clients’ needs, Magnetic Construction operates in any location and is prepared to provide a response in both national and international markets, relying on strategic partnerships for project success.

Magnetic Construction’s intervention capacity covers large, complex, and highly demanding projects in the industrial area, including metal structures, thermal power plants, petrochemicals, and refineries.

Magnetic Construction

By combining our team’s expertise with our commitment to quality and excellence, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations on a daily basis and achieve mutual growth.